Programming Document 2019-2021



December 2018



List of acronyms
Mission and vision statement
Section I – General context
I.1 General Context
Section II – Multi-annual programming 2019-2021
II.1 Multi-annual objectives
II.2 Multi-annual programme
II.3 Human and financial resources outlook 2019-2021
Section III – Annual Work Programme 2019
III.1 Executive Summary
III.2 Activities
Priority area 1: Anticipating Change
Priority area 2: Facts and figures
Priority area 3: Tools for OSH management
Priority area 4: Raising awareness and communication
Priority area 5: Networking knowledge
Priority area 6: Networking
Horizontal area 1: Corporate management
Horizontal area 2: Administrative support
Annex I – Resource allocation by activity
Annex II – Financial resources
Annex III – Human resources (quantitative)
Annex IV – Human resources (qualitative)
Annex V – Building policy
Annex VI – Privileges and Immunities
Annex VII – Evaluations
Annex VIII – Risks
Annex IX – Procurement plan
Annex X – Organisation chart