Nina Billorou and Jimena Sandoya

Building a Generation of Safe and Healthy Workers Project. Safe and healthy youth
Guide for the mainstreaming of Occupational Safety and Health in vocational training programmes
Forestry and wood production sector



Table of contents

1. The Project
2. Introduction
3. Practical guidelines: What for? How did we build them? How can they be used?
4. Structure of contents
5. What does it mean to mainstream OSH into training?
6. OSH skills development
7. Young people and OSH skills
8. Mainstreaming: Good practices and lessons learned
9. Methodological sequence for mainstreaming OSH
10. Which OSH skills should young people develop?
11. Analysis of work processes
12. Mainstreaming in the curriculum
13. Examples of learning activities according to the type of risk
14. Repository of support materials for including OSH in training
15. Some suggestions for mainstreaming OSH into the selected Programme
16. Comments from different actors
17. Bibliography

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