European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
Patricia Helen Rosen, Robert Donoghue, Eva Heinold, Phoebe Moore, Susanne Niehaus, Sascha Wischniewski


Cognitive automation: implications for occupational safety and health
Executive Summary


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Impact on working environment and occupational safety and health implications

2.1 Opportunities for improved working conditions
2.2 Impact on sectors
2.3 Occupational safety and health concerns
2.3.1 Job loss
2.3.2 Job transformation
2.3.3 Trust
2.3.4 Autonomy
2.3.5 Privacy
2.3.6 Autonomy
2.3.7 Cybersecurity

2.4 Occupational safety and health benefits
2.5 Risk assessment

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