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OSH Pulse - Occupational safety and health in post-pandemic workplaces
Flash Eurobarometer

Table of contents
Key findings
Section 1. Digital technologies at the workplace
    1.1. Most common types of digital devices used at the workplace
    1.2. Allocating, monitoring and evaluating work via digital devices
    1.3. OSH risks related with the use of digital technologies
Section 2. Health issues and psychosocial risk factors
    2.1. Workers’ health status
    2.2. Exposure to psychosocial risk factors
Section 3. Mental health in the workplace
    3.1. Speaking about mental health in the workplace
    3.2. Impact of COVID-19 on stress and mental health
    3.3. Initiatives to address stress and mental health issues in the workplace
Section 4. Managing safety and health at work
    4.1. Workers’ views on safety rules in the workplace
    4.2. Availability of safety measures in the workplace
    4.3. General attitudes towards safety and health as an asset
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