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Kyrillos Spyridopoulos, Lucija Kilic, Mario Battaglini, Niklas Olausson, Pietro Regazzoni, Andrea Broughton, Dareen Toro


Smart digital monitoring systems for occupational safety and health: uses and challenges


Table of contents
1 Overview of methodology
2 Types of workplace resources relevant to new OSH monitoring systems
3 Comparative analysis and critical assessment of workplace resources
3.1 Comparative analysis of international (sectoral) resources
3.2 Comparative analysis of workplace resources from product manufacturers and companies
3.3 Critical assessment of workplace resources
4 Gaps and needs in workplace resources developed in relation to new OSH monitoring systems
5 Conclusions: How can workplace resources ensure the safe and healthy use of OSH monitoring systems?
6 Annexes
6.1 Annex 1 - List of reviewed sources
6.2 Annex 2 - List of key informants
List of figures and tables
Figure 1. Examples of workplace risks
Figure 2. Example of a poster from a product manufacturer of an OSH monitoring system
Figure 3. Including companies’ own workers in workplace resources. A good practice example
Table 1. Summary of workplace resources reviewed
Table 2. Comparative analysis of international (sectoral) workplace resources
Table 3. Comparative analysis of product manufacturer/companies’ workplace resources
Table 4. Summary of gaps and needs


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