European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

Monica Andriescu, Mario Battaglini, Kyrillos Spyridopoulos, Lucija Kilic, Niklas Olausson, Andrea Broughton, Dareen Toro


Smart digital monitoring systems for occupational safety and health: workplace resources for design, implementation and use


Table of contents
1 Introduction
2 Drivers, barriers and uptake
2.1 Overview of drivers and barriers to adoption
2.2 Trends in uptake
3 Taxonomy of new OSH monitoring systems across the OSH cycle
3.1 Definition
3.2 Digital technologies
3.3 Taxonomy
4 Opportunities and use of new OSH monitoring systems
4.1 Proactive OSH monitoring
4.1.1 Identifying hazards and assessing risks early to prevent harm
4.1.2 Providing on-the-job training
4.2 Reactive OSH monitoring
4.2.1 Minimising consequences of harm
4.2.2 Accident investigation and reporting
4.3 OSH monitoring and specific needs
5 Risks and challenges of new OSH monitoring systems
5.1 Physical health and safety risks
5.2 Psychosocial risks
5.3 Responsibility and OSH monitoring systems
5.4 Limited training
6 Stages of risks and challenges, and measures to mitigate / overcome them
6.1 Technological maturity
6.2 Design and implementation
7 Conclusion
7.1 What works, for whom and how
7.2 Remaining challenges and recommendations
7.3 Expected trends
8 Annexes
8.1 Annex 1: Literature review methodology
8.1.1 Scope of literature review
8.1.2 Literature review search criteria
8.1.3 Literature review list
8.2 Annex 2: Interview methodology
8.2.1 Key informant interviews
8.2.2 Interview guides
8.2.3 List of key informants
8.2.4 Overview of interview guides
8.3 Annex 3: Table of risks for OSH monitoring systems
List of figures and tables
Figure 1: Use of different digital technologies in business and organisation (% of workplaces)
Figure 2: Use of digital technologies in companies of different size (% of workplaces)
Figure 3: Overview of section 4 on opportunities / use of new OSH monitoring systems
Figure 4: Measuring individual / collective harmful exposures and environmental levels
Figure 5: Overview of physical health and safety risks of new OSH monitoring systems
Figure 6: EPM effects on psychosocial health
Table 1: Types of new OSH monitoring systems
Table 2. Scope of literature review, including initial inclusion criteria
Table 3. Literature review search criteria
Table 4. Screening criteria of literature review sources
Table 5. Interview guide (1)
Table 6. Interview guide (2)
Table 7. List of key informants
Table 8. Risks of OSH monitoring systems


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