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Tipologia: Dichiarazione
Data firma: 26 aprile 2012
Parti: Coiffure EU e UNI Europa Hair and Beauty
Settori: Servizi, Parrucchieri
Fonte: Agenzia europea per la sicurezza e la salute sul lavoro

Declaration of the European Social Partners on Health and Safety in the Hairdressing Sector

(l) The European Social Partners in the Hairdressing Sector, namely Coiffure EU and UNI Europa Hair & Beauty, convinced of the crucial importance of preserving the good health of all persons working in the hairdressing salons, have negotiated a framework agreement addressing health-related aspects of working conditions.
(2) The social partners thus intended to contribute together to preventing occupational health risks in the hairdressing sector.
(3) The social partners hereby adopt the following Declaration supplementing their Framework agreement on the protection of occupational health and safety in the hairdressing sector.
(4) In addition, the Parties reconfirm the formerly signed agreement "How to get along" code of conduct- guidelines for European hairdressers, agreed upon in 200 l (Annex l).
(5) The Parties agree that the "Covenant on Health and Safety, in particular regarding the use and handling of cosmetic products and their chemical agents" (Annex 2), concluded in 2007 by the European social partners in the hairdressing sector, lists a series of obligations that must be met in every country.
(6) The Parties further refer to the "Declaration of Dresden - Common recommendation on skin protection for the hairdressing sector in Europe" adopted in September 2010 (Annex 3).
(7) The Parties call upon the hair cosmetic industry and the manufacturers of the other substances used in the sector to step up their research into the use of substances which are less harmful to the skin and respiratory tract.
(8) The Parties call upon the European Commission to take account of occupational hazards linked to the professional use of cosmetic products when approving substances under the cosmetics legislation.
(9) The Parties urge that staff be given regular training on the correct and safe use of the products. The product manufacturers are called upon to assume their responsibilities by providing the required information on the use of and risks posed by the products.
(10) The Parties will develop technical rules for the professional handling of cosmetic products and take steps to have those recognised and included in the training of hairdressers.
(11) The Parties call upon the supplier industry to the sector to take greater account of ergonomic principles in product development and to establish European standards in consultation with the hairdressing sector.
(12) The Parties call upon the industry to intensify its research in the direction of ergonomics with respect to design, function and layout of hair wash installations which enables the employees and the employer to work in a position that is as ergonomic as possible, taking into account comfort and ergonomics of the customer.
(13) The Parties will seek to develop the provisions in the agreement further, taking account of the most recent scientific findings.
(14) The Parties will take steps to ensure that the principles contained in the agreement are integrated into the training modules for training levels A, B and C in accordance with the "European agreement on the Implementation of the European Hairdressing Certificates" of 18 June 2009.

Done at Brussels on 26 April 2012

Coiffure EU
UNI Europa Hair and Beauty

Annex 1: 'How to get along ' code of conduct, 2001
Annex 2: Covenant on Health and Safety, 2005
Annex 3: Declaration of Dresden, 2010