European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

Protecting Workers in the Online Platform Economy: An overview of regulatory and policy developments in the EU
European Risk Observatory
Discussion paper


Table of Contents

Executive summary
1 Definitions: the online platform economy and related concepts
The digitalisation of society and the digital economy
Online platforms and the online platform economy
Collaborative and sharing economy
The gig economy, on-demand economy, online platform work and various forms of atypical work
2 The regulation of online platform work
Factors complicating the regulation of the online platform economy
Regulatory and policy challenges of online platform work
Regulatory and policy options in relation to online platform work
3 OSH implications
Direct effects on OSH of online platform work
Indirect effects on OSH of online platform work due to uncertain applicability of employment rules
The United Kingdom
The Netherlands
Specific developments in other EU Member States
The European Commission
The European Parliament
The Court of Justice of the EU
4 Concluding remarks

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