Doc 165/17
Revision of Doc 165/10


Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Scope and Purpose
2.1. Scope
2.2. Purpose
3. Definitions
3.1. Publication terminology
3.2. Technical definitions
4. Technical safety features
4.1. Forklift trucks
4.2. Pallet trucks
5. General safety instructions
6. FLT operations – Example of incidents from the industrial gases industry
6.1. Examples of incidents involving unsafe driving or manoeuvring
6.2. Incidents due to unsafe access or egress from FLT
6.3. Incidents due to unsafe loading or unloading from FLT
6.4. Images of FLT incidents
7. FLT operations – Key hazards and preventative measures
7.1. Forklift trucks
7.2. Pallet trucks
8. Driver hiring and training
9. Maintenance and inspection
9.1. Daily inspection
9.2. Maintenance
10. Safety checklist
10.1. Daily inspection checklist
10.2. Audit checklist
11. References
12. Additional references
Appendix 1: Example of daily forklift inspection checklists
Figure 1 Typical fork lift truck
Figure 2 Typical pallet truck and controls
Figure 3 Warning sign
Figure 4 Injured foot
Figure 5 FLT turned over and simulation of accident
Figure 6 Example of incorrect use of FLT for access
Figure 7 Example of unloading incident (1)
Figure 8 Example of unloading incident (2)
Figure 9 Illustration of FLT starting to turn over
Figure 10 Illustration of turned over FLT and trapped driver
Figure 11 FLT Load diagram
Figure 12 Example of visibility reduced by FLT mast
Figure 13 Example of visibility reduced by when carrying a bundle of cylinders
Figure 14 Example of misuse of FLT as a work platform
Figure 15 Example of potential incident


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