Roma, 1-3 aprile 2019




Codes & Standards Session

R. Ottone, S. Pinca
Cooperation for the development of prEN 13455-14, Unfired pressure vessels – Part 14: Additional requirements for pressure equipment and pressure components fabricated withadditive manufacturing methods
M. Consonni, W. Sperko
Comparison of the ASME and ISO requirements for welding qualifications and weldingquality for pressure vessels
R. Sorci, O. Tassa, L. Ricciardi, L. Campanile
Additive Manufacturing techniques for the realization of pressure equipment
Degradation mechanisms Session
C. Delle Site, E. Artenio, A. Pirone, M. Vallerotonda, P. Bragatto
Codes and standards for managing ageing of pressure equipment in industrial facilities.
D. Lega, C. Andenna, M. Romitelli
Microbiologically influenced corrosion: morphology of the damage, characteristics of biofilm and corrosion scale
E. Pichini, D. Lega, C. Andenna, V. Munaron
Ageing of high density polyethylene piping
Design and fabrication Session
M. Lino dos Santos, C. Arregui, N. Charitonidis, L. Dassa, S. Evrard, S. Girod, C. Pochet, A-E Rahmoun, O. Sacristan De Frutos, F. Sanchez
Design and optimisation of aluminium windows and flanges for a high pressure Threshold Cherenkov Counter
H. Lejeune, S. Javanaud, K. Richard
Bolted flange and sealing in arctic environment
A. Rullo, A. Bergo, S. Stelitano, E. Mecozzi, R. Agostino, G. Conte, A. Policicchio
ΔH Test Lab
High temperature Session
C. Bullough, W. Smith, S. Holmström
Provision of materials creep properties for design of high temperature plant to en13445-3
W. Smith, C. Bullough, S. Gill
Determination of no-creep and negligible creep temperatures using accelerated testing methods
A. Antonini, L. Campanile, A. Alvino, A. Tonti, A. Strafella, A. Coglitore, E. Salernitano, F. Bezzi, P. Fabbri
T 91 creep behaviour in air and liquid lead and oxidation properties
T. Coppola, L. Di Vito, E. Escorza, L. Fullin, F. Campanelli
A technical and economic study for the application of the new grade ThorTM 115 in refinery furnaces pipes
Non-Destructive Examination - In Service Inspection and Operation Session
J. Taborri, G. Calabrò, S. Rossi
On the integrity investigation of pressure tanks through acoustic emission test
G. Augugliaro, P. Lenzuni, C. Mennuti
AE-based requalification of small underground LPG vessels. A 15-year summary of application of ISPESL/INAIL AE procedure
M.E. Biancolini, C. Brutti, A. Zanini, P. Salvini
Acoustic Emission data fractal analysis for structural integrity assessment of pressure equipment
Snetp Nuclear Workshop Session
A. Tonti, L. Ricciardi, L. Campanile, F. Massaro, F. Panin, C. Di Girolamo, M. Boldrin, S. Dal Bello, V. Toigo
Safety during the starting operations of the Neutral Beam Test Facility
G. Giorgiantoni, A. Dodaro, O. Aronica, M. Olivetti, F. Pisacane
Sintering of 98MO powders by ultra high-vacuum furnace



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