European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

Joanne O Crawford, Richard Graveling, Alice Davis, Eva Giagloglou  and Meena Fernandes, Agnieszka Markowska, Matthew Jones, Elena Fries-Tersch


Work-related musculoskeletal disorders: from research to practice.
What can be learnt?

European Risk Observatory



List of figures, tables and boxes
Executive summary
1. Rationale of the project
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Why a project on MSD prevention?
1.3 Methods
1.4 Structure of the report
2 The exploratory literature review
2.1 Findings
2.2 Gaps — evidence versus practice
3 The policy analysis
3.1 Possible absence of EU and national prioritisation
3.2 Shortcomings of the EU legislative framework (and national legislative frameworks)
3.3 Enforcing the legislative framework
3.4 Taking a sustained strategic approach
3.5 Strategic national policies to raise awareness
3.6 Support and incentives
3.7 Approaches to prevention
3.8 Success factors, challenges and barriers in relation to MSD prevention
4 What new approaches might be helpful in MSD prevention?
4.1 Policy actions
4.2 Actions for intermediaries
5 Conclusions
6 Recommendations
7 References
Appendix A Data collected from each of the focal points
Appendix B Short summary of 25 policy initiatives
List of figures, tables and boxes
Figure 1 Project Components
Figure 2 The MSD Landscape
Table 1 Reporting of musculoskeletal disorders in EU-28
Table 2 Proportion of workers across EU-28 exposed on quarter of the time or more
Table 3 ESENER 2 and 3
Box 1 A risk management framework that encompasses physical and psychosocial risks



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