Making decent work a reality for domestic workers

Progress and prospects ten years after the adoption of the Domestic Workers Convention, 2011 (No. 189)


Executive summary
Part I. Global and regional statistics
X Definitions, sources and methodology
The definition of domestic workers in Convention No. 189
The statistical definition of domestic work
X Chapter 1. Global and regional estimates
Global overview
Role of service providers
X Chapter 2. Regional estimates of domestic workers
Asia and the Pacific
Europe and Central Asia
Arab States
X A look towards the future
Growing demand for direct and indirect care services for households
Fair recruitment and the role of service providers
Rise of the on-demand economy in domestic work
Domestic work as a source of employment in a COVID-19 pandemic recovery plan
Part II. Extent of coverage by labour and social security laws and regulations
X Methodology
X Chapter 3. Scope of national labour legislation
Global extent of legal coverage in 2020
Regional extent of legal coverage in 2020
Progress in legal coverage since 2010

Chapter 4. Laws and regulations governing working time
Normal hours of work
Weekly rest
Paid annual leave
X Chapter 5. Laws and regulations governing minimum wages and payment in kind
Minimum wages
Payment in kind
X Chapter 6. Laws and regulations governing social security, including maternity protection
Maternity leave
Maternity cash benefits
Part III. Decent work for domestic workers: Making it a reality
X Introduction
X Chapter 7. Working time, wages and social security
Working time
Good practices in working time and wages
Social security
X Chapter 8. Promoting occupational safety and health and preventing violence and harassment in domestic work
Occupational safety and health
Violence and harassment in domestic work
X Chapter 9. Informality and formalization
Informality in domestic work
Decent work deficits among informal domestic workers
Formalizing domestic work

Chapter 10. Voice, representation and social dialogue
Domestic workers’ organizations
Employers’ organizations
Bipartite agreements
X Chapter 11. Impacts of and responses to the COVID-19 pandemic
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on employment, working time and wages
Other impacts
Challenges and good practices
X Conclusion
Summary of the situation of domestic workers
Identifying sources of vulnerability
Paving the way forward


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