European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

Francesco Maria Camonita,Valentina Tageo, Juan Arasanz Díaz, Pablo Sanz de Miguel

Psychosocial risk exposure and mental health outcomes of European workers with low socioeconomic status

Literature Review


Table of Contents
Executive summary
1 Setting the scene
1.1 Rationale and methodology
1.2 Conceptual framework
1.2.1 Work-related PSR factors and corresponding mental health outcomes
1.2.2 Exogenous drivers and emerging stressors: the role of the pandemic and digitalisation in the modern psychosocial work environment
1.3 The framework for the analysis of LSES workers in this study
2 Mental health outcomes from exposure to PSRs of European LSES workers
2.1 Results associated with socioeconomic, sociodemographic and occupational status of workers
2.2 Results associated with work design and social interactions in the workplace for industry sectors with large shares of LSES workers
2.2.1 Hospitality and tourism
2.2.2 Customer-dedicated services
2.2.3 Health and care: home care, long-term carers and ancillary occupations
2.2.4 Cleaning
2.2.5 Manufacturing and production
2.2.6 Construction
2.2.7 Agriculture
2.3 Results associated with quality of employment, with a focus on job insecurity and precariousness
2.3.1 Mental health issues associated with low quality of employment
2.3.2 Evidence from non-standard work arrangements
3 A selection of good practices on PSRs prevention, management and intervention for LSES workers
3.1 Typologies and effectiveness of existing practices for value creation in the workplace
3.2 Selection of good practices included in this study
4 Discussion and recommendations
4.1 Discussion of results, gaps and future research directions
4.1.1 PSRs and adverse mental health outcomes of European LSES workers
4.1.2 Evidence of mediating and protective factors on adverse outcomes
4.1.3 Research gaps and future research directions
4.1.4 Lessons learned for PSRs prevention, management and intervention
4.2 Policy pointers for future action
List of references


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