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A case–control study on the effects of plasticizers exposure on male fertility
A control approach for human-robot ergonomic payload lifting
A liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry method for the enantioselective multiresidue determination of nine chiral agrochemicals in urine using an enrichment procedure based on graphitized carbon black
A methodology for the systematic identification of naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM)
A new ABCB1 inhibitor enhances the anticancer effect of doxorubicin in both in vitro and in vivo models of NSCLC
A photoactive supramolecular complex targeting PD-L1 reveals a weak correlation between photoactivation efficiency and receptor expression levels in non-small-cell lung cancer tumor models
A pilot study for legionella pneumophila volatilome characterization using a gas sensor array and GC/MS techniques
A real-time system to report abnormal events involving staff in a nuclear medicine therapy unit
A score index system for a semi-quantitative assessment of inhalation risks at contaminated sites
A survey on bio-based food packaging material about the presence and migration of flame retardants
Advanced technologies in genomic toxicology: current trend and future directions
Aerobiological monitoring in an indoor occupational setting using a real-time bioaerosol sampler
Airborne asbestos fiber concentration in buildings: surveys carried out in latium (Central Italy)
Aluminium bioaccumulation in colon cancer, impinging on epithelial-mesenchymal-transition and cell death
An occupational health risk index: definition, description and mapping at municipality level
Application of near-miss management systems: an exploratory field analysis in the italian industrial sector
Artificial intelligence for risk assessment in hybrid workplace and flexible work
Asbestos consumption and malignant mesothelioma mortality trends in the major user countries
Assessment of occupational carcinogenic risk by comparing data from the Italian register of occupational exposures to carcinogens (SIREP) with the International agency for research on cancer (IARC) evidence
Assessment of safety levels in the agricultural sector for supporting social sustainability: a quantitative analysis from a national point of view
Association between extreme temperature exposure and occupational injuries among construction workers in Italy: an analysis of risk factors
Association between hearing sensitivity and dopamine transporter availability in Parkinson’s disease
Association between short-term exposure to air pollutants and cause-specific daily mortality in Italy. A nationwide analysis
Ataxic gait
Back-extraction applied to green matrix solid-phase dispersion for fungicides determination in tomatoes
Balance rehabilitation through robot-assisted gait training in post-stroke patients: a systematicreview and meta-analysis
Benzene and cause-specific mortality in an Italian national cohort of exposed workers through a proportions analysis
Benzene exposure and MicroRNAs expression: in vitro, in vivo and human findings
Biomethane compression unit: a methodological approach aimed at decreasing the Atex zones hazardousness
Biomonitoring of pesticides in urine by using isoamyl acetate as a sustainable extraction solvent
Changes in work-related stressors before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: differences by gender and parental status
Characterization of prosthetic knees through a low-dimensional description of gait kinematics
Climate change: an issue that should be part of workers’information and training duties envisaged by EU directives on occupational health and safety
Combined use of sEMG and inertial sensing to evaluate biomechanical overload in manufacturing: an on-the-field experience
Concentrations and co-occurrence of 101 emerging and legacy organic pollutants in the ultrafine, fine and coarse fractions of airborne particulates associated with treatment of waste from electrical and electronic equipment
Contribution of genetic polymorphisms in human health
Covid-19 Occupational risk incidence and working sectors involved during the pandemic in Italy
Crucial contributions of 3-D viscous hydrodynamics to cochlear amplification
Crucial factors affecting longevity
Deep learning for asbestos counting
Demand-resource profiles and job satisfaction in the healthcare sector: a person-centered examination using bayesian informative hypothesis testing
Development of a digital-twin of an hydraulic active seat suspension system
Development of a prototype observatory of heat-related occupational illnesses and injuries through the collection of information from the italian press, as part of the Worklimate project
Dissolution reaction and surface modification of UICC amosite in mimicked gamble’s solution: a step towards filling the gap between asbestos toxicity and its crystal chemical features
Editorial: lessons and policy consequences of mathematical modelling in relation to ongoing pandemics
Effect of musical stimulation on placental programming and neurodevelopment outcome of preterm infants: a systematic review
Effective mitigation strategies for reducing workers’ exposure to formaldehyde: a systematic review
Effects of temperatures and heatwaves on occupational injuries in the agricultural sector in Italy
Effetti acuti dell’inquinamento atmosferico e delle temperature estreme sulla mortalità causa-specifica in Italia. Risultati del progetto BIGEPI [Acute effects of air pollution and extreme temperatures on cause-specific mortality in Italy. Results of the BIGEPI project
Efficacy evaluation of Cu- and Ag-based antibacterial treatments on polypropylene fabric and comparison with commercial products
Enhanced suppression of otoacoustic emissions by contralateral stimulation and synapses overexposure in Parkinson’s disease
Estimation of the metabolic rate in the occupational field: a regression model using accelerometers
Evaluation of a passive upper limb exoskeleton using high-density surface electromyography
Evaluation of systemic genotoxic/oxidative and pro-inflammatory effects in workers of a Titanium dioxide production plant
Experience with NORM waste disposal in different European countries
Extra-auditory effects from noise exposure in schools: results of nine italian case studies
Extra-auditory effects of noise exposure in school workers and preventive measures: a systematic review
Factor affecting indoor radon levels in buildings located in a karst area: a statistical analysis
FAIR environmental and health registry (FAIREHR)-supporting the science to policy interface and life science research, development and innovation
Formaldehyde and Acetaldehyde exposure in ‘non-traditional’ occupational sectors: bakeries and pastry producers
From field analysis to nanostructural investigation: a multidisciplinary approach to describe natural occurrence of asbestos in view of hazard assessment
Global-, regional- and country-level estimates of the work-related burden of diseases and accidents in 2019
Hazop analysis of a bioprocess for polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) production from organic waste: part A 73
Hazop analysis of a bioprocess for polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) production from organic waste: part B 74
High-content hydroxyapatite carbon composites for the electrochemical detection of heavy
metal cations in water
High-density surface electromyography allows to identify risk conditions and people with and without low back pain during fatiguing frequency-dependent lifting activities
Immediate effects of trunk rotator stretching exercise on gait parameters in subjects with Parkinson’s disease: a randomized clinical trial
Importance of an integrated assessment of functional disability and work ability in workers affected by low back pain
Incidence of mesothelioma in young people and causal exposure to asbestos in the italian national mesothelioma registry (ReNaM)
Industrial safety management in the digital era: constructing a knowledge graph from near misses
Innovative personal protective equipment: advantages and disadvantages of applying artificial intelligence
Integration of dynamic models and virtual reality for the training of steam generator operators
Interaction between air pollutants and pollen grains: effects on public and occupational health
Interaction between occupational and non-occupational Arsenic exposure and Tobacco smoke on lung cancerogenesis: a systematic review
Interdisciplinary evaluation of a robot physically collaborating with workers
Intrinsic resistance to osimertinib in EGFR mutated NSCLC cell lines induced by alteration in cell-cycle regulators
Is gender an antecedent to workplace stressors? A systematic review and an empirical study using a person-centred approach
Knowledge in graphs: investigating the completeness of industrial near miss reports
Lessons learned from HIAD 2.0: inspection and maintenance to avoid hydrogen-induced material failures
Long-term residential exposure to air pollution and risk of chronic respiratory diseases in Italy: the BIGEPI study
Looking for an objective parameter to identify early vocal dysfunctions in healthy perceived singers
Mesothelioma risk among construction workers according to job title: data from the italian mesothelioma register
Meta-analytic study on substance intake and work-related accidents calls for attention to bio- psycho-social factors
Metabolic stability of eight airborne organo phosphate flame retardants (OPFRs) in human liver, skin microsomes and human hepatocytes
Metals and organic species associated with fine and coarse aerosol particles in an electronic waste recycling plant
Multifunctional interfaces for multiple uses: tin(II)-hydroxyapatite for reductive adsorption of Cr(VI) and its upcycling into catalyst for air protection reactions
Multiscale entropy algorithms to analyze complexity and variability of trunk accelerations time series in subjects with Parkinson’s disease
Natural substances as biocides in the fungi treatment on artistic products to protect the environment and health of restoration workers
New developments in climate change, air pollution, pollen allergy, and interaction with SARS-CoV-2
New global indicator for workers’health: mortality rate from diseases attributable to selected occupational risk factors
Occupational exposure during the production and the spray deposition of Graphene nanoplatelets-based polymeric coatings
Occupational exposure register-based cohort study on mortality among asbestos-related workers in Italy after the ban
Occupational heat stress, heat-related effects and the related social and economic loss: a scoping literature review
Occupational risk assessment in landfills: research outcomes from Italy
Occupational risks: still a problem for seminal fluid parameters? Results obtained from a case/control study in a fertility clinic
Occurrence and migration study of chemicals from baking paper and aluminum foil
Personal VOCs exposure with a sensor network based on low-cost gas sensor, and machine learning enabled indoor localization
Pleural mesothelioma risk in the construction industry: a case-control study in Italy, 2000 - 2018
Preliminary results of a biomechanical risk assessment of an actual industrial use-case executed with and without a dual-arm CoBot
Promoting health and productivity among ageing workers: a longitudinal study on work ability, biological and cognitive age in modern workplaces (Proageing study)
Proposal of a tool to assess human gait coordination using parallel-coordinates plot
Psychosocial risks in the changing world of work: moving from the risk assessment culture to the management of opportunities
Radiological protection in industries involving NORM: a (graded) methodological approach to characterize the exposure situations
Rate advancement measurement for lung cancer and pleural mesothelioma in asbestos- exposed workers
Recognition of COVID-19 with occupational origin: a comparison between European countries
Relation of the work ability index to fitness for work in healthcare and public employees in a region of Northeastern Italy
Relationship between occupational safety and health policy principles, organizational action on work-related stress and the psychosocial work environment in Italy
Relationship of long-term air pollution exposure with asthma and rhinitis in Italy: an innovative multipollutant approach
Resilience potentials for health and safety management in cobot applications using the resilience analysis grid
Risk based tunnel design by vehicle involved in road crashes: models and tunnel length
Secondary structures of MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV, and SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins revealed by infrared vibrational spectroscopy
Sector of employment and mortality: a cohort based on different administrative archives
Simple tools to monitor the anoxic condition of wastewater based on MFCs reversal signals
Size characteristics of asbestiform fibers in lung tissue of animals that grazed in areas rich in ophiolitic outcrops in Central Calabria (Southern Italy)
Steel grades 91 and 92 microstructure and precipitate evolution atlas and life assessment tool
Sustainable occupational safety and health interventions: a study on the factors for an effective design
Systematic violence monitoring to reduce underreporting and to better inform workplace violence prevention among health care workers: before-and-after prospective study
Tailoring upper-limb robot-aided orthopedic rehabilitation on patients’psychophysiological state
Temperature estreme ed effetti acuti sulla mortalità causa-specifica in Italia
The assistance of BAZAR robot promotes improved upper limb motor coordination in workers performing an actual use-case manual material handling
The challenges of managing patients with cancer in the workplace: needs, opportunities and perspectives of occupational physicians
The designer drug αPHP affected cell proliferation and triggered deathly mechanisms in murine neural stem/progenitor cells
The dynamic sagittal balance: definition of dynamic spino-pelvic parameters using a method based on gait analysis
The genomes of Scedosporium between environmental challenges and opportunism
The italian experience in the development of mesothelioma registries: a pathway for other countries to address the negative legacy of asbestos
The power of safety data to prevent work related accidents: empirical evidences from pilot projects in Italy
Three-dimensional bioprinting of organoid-based scaffolds (OBST) for long-term nanoparticle toxicology investigation
Tools for harmonized data collection at exposure situations with naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM)
Toward a unified description of the electrostatic assembly of microgels and nanoparticles
Toxicological evaluation of polycrystalline wools in human lung cells
Trunk muscle coactivation changes in patient with multiple myeloma undergoing vertebral consolidation surgery: a study performed by using movement analysis technologies
Trunk stability in fatiguing frequency-dependent lifting activities
Untargeted screening of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in airborne particulate of three italian e-waste recycling facilities
Validation of the intervention preparedness tool: a short measure to assess important precursors for successful implementation of organisational interventions
Work barriers and job adjustments of people with multiple
sclerosis: a systematic review
Work difficulties in people with multiple sclerosis


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