Maria Antonietta D’Avanzo, Gian Marco Contessa, Stefano Adamo De Crescenzo, Luca Indovina, Massimo Mattozzi, Gian Luca Poli, Sandro Sandri, Francesco Campanella

Design of environments dedicated to the handling of unsealed sources and the production of radiopharmaceuticals
Updated and integrated operational guidelines for compliance with Legislative Decree 101/2020



Indications for the design of a nuclear medicine site

PET diagnostics
Production of radiopharmaceuticals with a cyclotron
Radionuclide therapy
Conventional nuclear medical diagnostics
Premises belonging to nuclear medicine operating units
Filter room/zone
Radiopharmacy laboratory
Hot chamber
Radiopharmaceutical administration room
Hot waiting rooms
Hot toilets
Examination room
In-patient rooms for nuclear medicine therapy
Temporary storage facility for radioactive waste
Radioactive waste decay room
Storage room/area for the operating unit cleaning equipment
Logic of access and routes
Radiopharmacy laboratory
PET diagnostics
Production of radiopharmaceuticals with cyclotron
Radionuclide therapy
Characteristics and requirements of premises and installations
Walls, surfaces and other infrastructure
Safety and verification systems
Management of waste containing radioactive substances
Solid waste
Liquid effluents
Aeriform effluents
Regulatory references
Self-assessment form for PET diagnostics
Self-assessment form for cyclotron production
Self-assessment form for therapy ward for treatments of cancer patients with radioiodine
Self-assessment form for conventional nuclear Medicine diagnostics
Self-assessment sheet for solid waste management destined for disposal
Self-assessment form for the management of liquid effluents



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