European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
Nadia Vilahur, Lin Fritschi, Troy Sadkowsky, Sara Gysen, Kim De Cuyper, Kristine Mardumian, Olesia Astapova, Andrew Cleary, Stephen Finlay, Katriina Lepanjuuri

Occupational cancer risk factors in Europe – methodology of the Workers’ Exposure Survey


Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 Adaptation of the survey and tool to the European context
2.1 Background to WES
2.1.1 The AWES
2.1.2 Exposure assessment principle based on OccIDEAS
2.2 The WES questionnaire adaptation
2.2.1 Cancer risk factors included in WES
2.2.2 Work organisation of the national teams
2.2.3 Main changes to the survey
Changes in questions and rules
Creation of new job and task modules
Preventive/protective measures
2.2.4 Development of a glossary of technical terms
3 Preparation and implementation of the survey
3.1 Preparing the survey master questionnaire
3.2 Translation to national languages
3.3 Piloting WES
3.4 Survey implementation
3.4.1 Sampling procedures
Target population and sample sizes
Sampling frames and coverage
Generation of RDD samples
Approach to oversampling: estimation of job module prevalence and exposure risk
3.4.2 Fieldwork
Interviewer teams and training
Quality control of interviews
Execution of the survey fieldwork
3.5 Data processing
3.5.1 Data quality
3.5.2 Data coding
3.5.3 Data weighting
Design weights
Calibration weights


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