R9 Recommendation concerning the Establishment of National Seamen's Codes

Genoa, 9 luglio 1920

The General Conference of the International Labour Organisation,

Having been convened at Genoa by the Governing Body of the International Labour Office, on the 15 June 1920, and
Having decided upon the adoption of certain proposals with regard to a consideration of the possibility of drawing up an International Seamen's Code, which is the fourth item in the agenda for the Genoa meeting of the Conference, and
Having determined that these proposals shall take the form of a Recommendation,
adopts the following Recommendation, which may be cited as the National Seamen's Codes Recommendation, 1920, to be submitted to the Members of the International Labour Organisation for consideration with a view to effect being given to it by national legislation or otherwise, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the International Labour Organisation:
In order that, as a result of the clear and systematic codification of the national law in each country, the seamen of the world, whether engaged on ships of their own or foreign countries, may have a better comprehension of their rights and obligations, and in order that the task of establishing an International Seamen's Code may be advanced and facilitated, the International Labour Conference recommends that each Member of the International Labour Organisation undertake the embodiment in a seamen's code of all its laws and regulations relating to seamen in their activities as such.

Fonte: ILO